Autonomous driving based logistics transportation / service robot development company

 Quribo Co., Ltd. is a robot specialized company that develops self-driving mobile robots such as service robots and logistics transport robots that can transport logistics. Based on network communication technology (LTE / 5G / WIFI) that can interwork with mobile robots, various control communication solution technologies, autonomous driving technology in transportable indoor places, and various object recognition through embedded and cloud-based AI deep learning are possible. It has AI technology.

 One of the core technologies of Curibo Co., Ltd. is the multi-robot management system technology. FMS (Fleet Management System), a network management system that can control and monitor multiple robots in real time, has been developed with its own technology and is mounted on a commercial product, so that it can be easily linked to customer management systems through a network API. It is platformed. Also, considering the convenience of the customer, a scratch program has been developed and applied so that even beginners can easily set the robot mission.

  Quribo Co., Ltd. is a company that specializes in developing service robots and logistics robots equipped with autonomous driving functions.In particular, ICT convergence robots that develop ICT convergence technologies that combine network communication and control systems based on these robots It is a professional company.


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