Quribo core competencies

The core technology competency of Quribo Co., Ltd. is ROS Platform-based autonomous driving, Network-based Robot management system, Detection / Recognition through Vision based on Deep learning, learnable conversation, grafting communication technology, HW design and mass production

Robot control solution (ACS / RMS / FMS)

ROS-based autonomous driving technology

AI deep learning-based computer vision technology (voice / face / object recognition)

Mobile robot hardware development and production

Development of responsive web application

Wireless communication technology (4G / 5G / WIFI)

Quribo Business Area


Logistics transportation equipment and industrial vehicles

☞ AMR and CLASS Ⅲ unmanned forklift business for transportation required for logistics and manufacturing processes
① Method: Development of autonomous driving unmanned equipment / robot retrofit and supply of solution
② Target: AMR (AGV), CLASS Ⅲ or less electric forklifts and industrial vehicles


AI Service Robot

☞ Autonomous driving unmanned equipment and robot control (operation, control) system business
① Method: Customer-specific control S / W and server system customizing development supply and service
② Target: Autonomous driving, unmanned equipment, AMR, service robot introduction Customer companies (WMS) all


Control system (ACS, RMS, FMS)

☞ AI mobile robot business providing convenience such as in-store information, ordering, delivery, and care for the elderly
① Method: Development of AI mobile robot based on autonomous driving, robot sales and service provision
② Target: hypermarkets, F & B stores, large hospitals, silver towns, local governments, and public facilities.


Telecommunication AI based IoT solution

☞ unmanned equipment, communication and AI-based IoT solution business required for control systems
① Method: Development of a solution that integrates AI and 5G for face and voice recognition, object recognition, and M2M communication
② Target: Unmanned / Automated, Security / Authentication, Communication IoT, etc.